NFT Digital Assets With Bank-Grade Cloud Security using AWS KMS

Authors: Chris De Leon, Dylan Zhou, Victor Fang from AnChain.AI

San Francisco, CA. June 28, 2021

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the most recent and, perhaps, the most rapidly adopted digital asset enabled by blockchain smart contract technology. Early 2021 marked a period of explosive growth for NFTs, which have rapidly infiltrated the mainstream to the tune of a $69 Million dollar Christie’s auction and NBA Top Shot’s seven-figure userbase, and ballooned into a market totalling over $2 Billion in quarterly revenue. …

How to hack $10+ millions bitcoins without being arrested?!

Author: Victor Fang, Ph.D. , Founder and CEO, AnChain.AI


San Francisco, CA. May 18, 2021

AnChain.AI, a San Francisco based blockchain cybersecurity company, has been tracking the notorious Darkside ransomware that disrupted the 5,500-mile Colonial pipeline causing fuel shortages throughout the southeastern United States. Partnering with leading cybersecurity law expert and co-founder of Law & Forensics, Daniel Garrie Esq, we have revealed the most in-depth blockchain forensics timeline, as well as how DarkSide obfuscated the bitcoin ransom using Coinjoin mixing tactics.

Cryptocurrencies inevitably serve as the perfect payment vehicle for ransomware and will continue to emerge in the…

Companies that are considered Virtual Asset Service Providers are subject to all of the regulatory scrutiny that traditional financial institutions are subject to, and then some. But what exactly is a VASP anyway?

This enhanced scrutiny could result in strong penalties, including but not limited to fines and restrictions. To avoid this, proper efforts must be made to remain compliant with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidelines. …

Reddit has recently become the protagonist in an ongoing saga pitting retail investors against Wall Street hedge funds, a battle which hasmade some small investors millionaires overnight.

In particular, the battlefield was the r/wallstreetbets subreddit, which has shown skyrocketing growth in the past couple of days as retail investors flew to the platform driven by FOMO, media coverage, and word-of-mouth enthusiasm.

The 2 things AI can tell you in the 2020 crypto bull market

For the second year in a row, AnChain.AI partnered with the Berkeley Data-X course to offer mentorship and support in leveraging the latest mathematical techniques and tools to solve highly relevant industry problems with the most impact.

This year’s data science innovation project aimed at finding signals that could provide insights into Bitcoin price movements. We found those, and went one step further!

The AnChain.AI Bitcoin Prediction team, who made it to the top 3 projects of the entire class, created a Bitcoin dashboard that forecasts the…

$11.5 billion: this is what ransomware cost the United States in 2019, up nearly $4 billion from the previous year. But the impact of ransomware goes far beyond the monetary; ransomware groups have specifically targeted vulnerable groups, even targeting overburdened hospitals in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

From the time of its inception circa 1989 until the present, the ransomware defense playbook has remained frustratingly thin. For an attack that is startlingly easy to launch, that has become an industry all its own with the rise of RaaS (Ransomware as a Service), the numbers are disheartening.

A New Way to Trade

Don’t trade blind.

Are you ready to ride the leading the edge of the next Bitcoin surge? Looking for the next big moonshot? Wondering which altcoin will be the next big thing?

See and hear it all with QTF, your hedge on crypto market understanding.

QTF is a crypto analytics platform that allows you to unravel the cryptocurrency market and discover correlations between digital asset values and key market variables, helping you make more informed decisions while minimizing investment risk.

What You’ll Get

  • Unmatched Data Catalog: Get all the relevant data, the latest news, and the most relevant market movements in one place…

A Real-World Million Dollars DeFi Incident Response

Victor Fang, AnChain.AI, 2020/10

Disclaimer: Based on a recent real world incident response conducted by AnChain.AI team in San Francisco. Due to the client’s confidentiality agreement, this article has removed all PII data.

Schrodinger’s Cat in DeFi Dark Forest

1 — The million dollar cat lost in quantum state

“Victor, there? ”t

A text message from my investor. It was 8:27pm in San Francisco.

I frowned. When a VC calls at night, it is either something extremely good, or extremely bad.

I had a feeling it was going to be bad:

“My friend’s Metamask got hacked. DeFi. Millions. 😢 ”

I texted back: “Ask them to call me.”

Minutes later, a “650-” phone number called. Catherine…

What kind of manpower is required to explore a cryptocurrency500+ DeFi Detectives tracing over 25,000 distinct transaction trails and billions of dollars in cryptocurrency unraveled some of the most critical mysteries of the DeFi ecosystem in just 2 weeks! From the biggest whales in the ecosystem, to its most definitive hacks and controversies, our participants solved mystery after mystery in pursuit of the grand prize.

DeFi Detectives attracted fierce competitors from all walks of life, from experienced blockchain security specialists like winner Peter Kacherginsky, Principal Blockchain Security Engineer at leading exchange Coinbase, to students, bartenders, and active-duty military, the diversity…

Last night, seemingly without cause, Bitcoin’s price plunged by 3%, a $6.3 billion dip in its total market cap. Slowly, over the course of the ensuing hours, the news trickled in: cryptocurrency exchange OKEx suspended withdrawals amidst an investigation by Chinese authorities.

Four questions naturally arise:

  • What happens before a Bitcoin price jump or drop?
  • What are the main drivers?
  • Is there any way we can predict it before it happens?
  • Who are the main players responsible for that price change?


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