San Francisco. Sept 21, 2021 — Leading blockchain cybersecurity firm AnChain.AI has appointed top compliance investigator, Felix Lomahan, from Signature Bank, New York, as their Compliance Officer & Principal Cryptocurrency Investigator. …

After a year of virtual conferencing, DEF Con 29 returned to Las Vegas to an audience of over 10,000 with a message of resilience, and the theme of 2021’s return to in-person congregations: “You Can’t Stop the Signal”.

AnChain.AI is proud to sponsor Blockchain Village at DEF Con 29

As members of the blockchain community, it’s a message we at AnChain.AI…

How to hack $10+ millions bitcoins without being arrested?!

Author: Victor Fang, Ph.D. , Founder and CEO, AnChain.AI


San Francisco, CA. May 18, 2021

AnChain.AI, a San Francisco based blockchain cybersecurity company, has been tracking the notorious Darkside ransomware that disrupted the 5,500-mile Colonial pipeline causing fuel shortages throughout the southeastern United States. …

Companies that are considered Virtual Asset Service Providers are subject to all of the regulatory scrutiny that traditional financial institutions are subject to, and then some. But what exactly is a VASP anyway?

This enhanced scrutiny could result in strong penalties, including but not limited to fines and restrictions. To…


Blockchain data analytics firm providing security, risk, and compliance solutions.

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