AnChain.AI and TokenInsight Partner To Secure Blockchain Ecosystem

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AnChain.AI and TokenInsight CEO’s agree to form a strategic partnership

On Dec 15, 2018, AnChain.AI was invited to the SIG (Susquehanna Investment Group) 2018 annual conference. At this event, and TokenInsight partnered together to further secure the blockchain ecosystem, through their aligned missions surrounding token transparency, accuracy, and meaningful analytical data.

With numerous exchange hacks dominating recent headlines, this partnership will show true strength around the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. One by one, each token community will be able to get their smart contracts audited and secured. Providing secure and transparent smart contracts for the ecosystem is crucial to building a trusting, decentralized world for all.

“Security is the cornerstone of digital assets and TokenInsight has taken security seriously since day one. Our trusted partner, AnChain.AIi, provides the crypto asset security dimension of our DApp Rating Board. The Contract Auditing Sandbox enables TokenInsight to perform accurate, automated security audits on tens of thousands of smart contracts on a regular basis in order to help the crypto community better understand the risks in the growing DApp ecosystem.”

— Matt Hu, CEO, TokenInsight

TokenInsight is one of our valued customers and partners who has been utilizing our contract auditing sandbox (CAS) to evaluate the contract security scores of their DApps on the Ethereum network.

Contract Security Scores on TokenInsight DApp Influencer Model provided by AnChain.AI

“Last week, 35 new Ethereum DApps were introduced to the market, the number of active users increased by 7%, and the transaction volume increased by 14% from the previous week.

There’s been huge upheaval in the rankings in recent weeks; the number of DApps and transaction volume on the Ethereum platform have increased significantly, but the Marketplace DApps still accounted for 30% of the list and produced more than 60% of the total DApp transaction volume on the Ethereum platform.”

— TokenInsight 2/25/19 Report

TokenInsight lists the Ethereum DApps worth following along with a host of various metrics, including a security score that is determined using AnChain.AI’s contract auditing sandbox.

TokenInsight is using this security score to more accurately detect who in the space is taking security seriously, versus who is not.

1. This list was derived from TokenInsight’s DApp Influencer Model which computes contract security, open source metrics and on-chain DApp activity

2. The evaluation dimensions for each platform are the same, but the standards vary among different platforms.

3. Data sources include on-chain trading data and contract test data recorded and summarized by SpiderStore.

4. The final score was calculated by using statistical percentiles for most applicable dimensions.

How To Access AnChain.AI’s Contract Auditing Sandbox?

Click here to register for the Contract Auditing Sandbox

About TokenInsight

TokenInsight Inc. is an independent, third-party data analytics organization committed to providing accurate data and objective ratings on companies developing in the blockchain industry. TokenInsight seeks to establish institutional project assessment standards through a distinct framework of applied data science, artificial intelligence algorithms, and due diligence processes that results in accurate and insightful ratings. Through this process, investors and institutions will be able to better assess risks objectively with a comprehensive understanding of the projects and their potential.

The webpage also provides information about payment tokens, development platforms, applications, exchanges, technology and protocols, and others. This informational website is a great way to share with communities to build a more secure, trustful ecosystem. TokenInsight is to be the top source for unbiased information that meets the highest standards of reporting.

About AnChain.AI

A blockchain data analytics firm providing intelligence, indicators, and investigative resources for clients to enhance their security, risk, and compliance strategies.

Feel free to reach out to us directly at:

With extensive experience in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data AnChain is continuously securing top-tier crypto exchanges, protocols, investors, custodians, and enterprise with our Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence.

Blockchain data analytics firm providing security, risk, and compliance solutions.

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