AnChain.AI Making Waves To Lead Blockchain Ecosystem Security

An Interview with AnChain.AI’s CEO and COO

Here at AnChain.AI, we’re working towards being the world’s leading blockchain security company. We have made substantial progress in recent months and we’re continuously partnering with leading exchanges, DApps, and communities around the globe.

What follows is an interview with Dr. Victor Fang, CEO, and Ben Wu, COO, about the future of AnChain.AI and what’s to come next.

What is AnChain.AI?

AnChain.AI is the world’s leading AI-powered blockchain security company. In our philosophy, we consider three eternal themes: transaction, code and infrastructure security. We are building blockchain security products that circle around this philosophy for the entire ecosystem. — Victor Fang, CEO

We are focusing on blockchain security and on AI-driven data to understand the massive amounts of data that are readily available to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. We want to secure the blockchain ecosystem to make this industry healthy for the world.— Ben Wu, COO

What is AnChain.AI doing differently compared to its competitors?

Our DNA is a data and AI company. Our competitor, Chainanalysis, is more focused on manual investigations while we are focusing on automation. We are using AI to automate as much as possible, especially on the transaction side. For example, our automated Smart Contract Auditing Sandbox is able to scan for any vulnerabilities and threats between a few seconds to a couple minutes. Additionally, one of our successes is the blockchain APT story. Using our Situational Awareness Platform, we became the first blockchain security company to detect Fomo3D hackers who stole over $4m. — Victor Fang, CEO

We have three themes but our main theme is transaction security. We focus on sifting through and analyzing massive amounts of data using data patterns to identify and predict vulnerabilities in the ecosystem. We’re making waves and we’re a top competitor in this field. — Ben Wu, COO

Why is security so important in the blockchain world?

Blockchain is in an early stage, much like the internet was in the early-mid 1990s. If you look at all the incidents in blockchain (for example, the DAO attack or EOS DApp hack) most of them stem back to our three eternal themes: transaction, code, and infrastructure security. There are so many vulnerabilities in all those aspects so we are adding value to secure this growing ecosystem. We will grow with this ecosystem because, in the very near future, we envision blockchain playing a vital and crucial role in our everyday life, just like the internet. — Victor Fang, CEO

Security is important because the blockchain technology is still in the early stages. With this early stage there are many different things happening. We want people to have trust in the young technology. We are making a difference because we are good at what we do. We’re securing the crypto world, one community at a time, and we know we can make a long-term difference here. — Ben Wu, COO

How can developers get involved with AnChain.AI?

We have two products right now; the CAS (smart contract auditing sandbox) and SAP (situational awareness platform). It’s easy to make mistakes developing with the current smart contract technology. Using CAS, we developed a proprietary sandbox that can scan smart contracts and known vulnerabilities. We’ve scanned over 50,000 deployed ethereum smart contracts and we found that 0.6% of them have re-entrancy issues. It’s very easy to have buggy code and the automated CAS can help developers figure out known vulnerabilities quickly. The SAP can provide ongoing protection on the transaction security side and is much more sophisticated. — Victor Fang, CEO

Having a vibrant, healthy ecosystem requires developers. Our aim is to contribute to and get help from developers. We want to help developers write better code, which is why the CAS is so important. The automated CAS makes it very easy to check that code. In the future, we’d like developers to collaborate with us because in the future we plan to open source some projects. We want them to help contribute to our missions. For now, they can reach out to us directly about the CAS and SAP. — Ben Wu, COO

What will AnChain.AI look like 5 years from now?

I would like to see our technology protecting across the entire blockchain ecosystem, starting with the developers. We are currently protecting world-leading exchanges, protocols, and DApps. We aim to continue this mission. This blockchain security industry is still in its infancy stages, though we predict the expansion is coming in less than two years, just like it did in cybersecurity. Most cybersecurity companies emerged in 1998 and 2002. AnChain.AI would like to be a leader in this upcoming blockchain security industry. — Victor Fang, CEO

Due to current market conditions, I believe the blockchain technology industry will see tremendous growth relatively soon and we’ll have better days. In this vibrant industry, we offer quite a bit in terms of security. With our AI data-driven technology, we can provide much more value than was thought possible around DApps, blockchain analytics, and plenty more. We will be a top blockchain technology company in this industry. I see us as big players in the blockchain industry. — Ben Wu, COO

AnChain.AI has big plans to lead the blockchain security industry. We plan to stand behind and assist every major enterprise, exchange, protocol, dapp and decentralized community in the blockchain ecosystem while emerging as the leading blockchain security company in the world.

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