Coinbene Limited and AnChain.AI Partner to Lead Blockchain Security Efforts

August 15, 2019 — The AnChain.AI team is excited to announce our official partnership with one of the world’s leading exchanges in CoinBene Limited.

Said AnChain.AI CEO Dr. Victor Fang of the partnership: “ We are proud to partner with Coinbene Limited in advancing the legitimacy and security of cryptocurrency. Our mission has always been to grow and secure the blockchain ecosystem. The AnChain.AI team is excited to work with a leading exchange that shares in that vision.”

Security is at the heart of CoinBene’s strategy and will remain the focus for CoinBene as it continues to globalize its services. “CoinBene has always prioritized security, and this prioritization has not changed as we’ve grown so much in the past two years, taking the 5th place on CoinMarketCap in terms of trade volume,” said Jerry Liu, CMO of CoinBene. “Trustworthiness must be earned through constant vigilance. That means establishing strong partnerships with industry-leading firms like AnChain, to acquire cutting edge security solutions to better protect our customers and users.”

As a cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange platform, CoinBene deals with large datasets and macro-monitoring. Emphasizing threat identification and assessment, AnChain.AI’s AI-powered security solutions will broaden CoinBene’s analytical spectrum and improve upon analytical efficiency. This will enable CoinBene to respond to potential threats and vulnerabilities in a much more immediate and aggressive manner, safeguarding CoinBene’s platforms and ecosystems for its customers, users, and partners.

About CoinBene Limited
CoinBene Limited is the world’s leading trustworthy cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange platform, ranked top 5 in CoinMarketCap, with over 3 million+ registered users worldwide spanning 185 countries. CoinBene offers crypto trading, fiat deposits, OTC, price insurance, liquidity management, and more.

About AnChain.AI
A blockchain data analytics firm providing intelligence, indicators, and investigative resources for clients to enhance their security, risk, and compliance strategies.

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