DApp Ecosystem Report: Blockchain Bots

Key discovery:

In 2019Q1, blockchain bots were responsible for:


1. AnChain.AI is NOT affiliated with TRON, EOS, or Ethereum foundation.


AnChain.AI leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to reveal the prevalence of bot activity within the EOS, TRON, and ETH blockchain DApp world. To date, this analysis is the largest scale study of bot presence within the most active DApp ecosystems.

  1. However, the remaining DApps that comprise the top 10 show substantial bot-driven account creation and transaction behavior.
  2. Note the dramatic spike in total transactions from DApp-1 and DApp-2, and even the substantial gap between DApp-1 and DApp-3 and DApp-4
  1. DApps 4–10 demonstrated significantly greater bot activity, particularly DApps 4, 7, and 10.
  2. ‘Group Botting’ is a bot strategy we observed exclusively on the TRON network. The strategy involves a group of bots that, on an individual level, appear relatively inactive, but when observed together reveal a pattern of tightly-coordinated activation, transaction, and deactivation.
  1. Even this DApp observes a small volume of bot activity relative to others studied.
  2. The Ethereum ecosystem is highly diverse, with far fewer gambling DApps represented in its top 10 than TRON or EOS.
  3. The Ethereum ecosystem has the smallest gambling DApp environment by far of the three studied. It is absolutely possible that the gambling DApps of Ethereum are not representative of the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Similarly speed-oriented EOS observed huge relative volumes of bot-based DApp activity.
  • The slowest, Ethereum, saw extremely limited bot activity, and a comparatively miniscule gambling DApp environment, with total weekly transaction volume of $10 million USD and even fewer users than that number might suggest. Conversely, Ethereum sported the largest number of non-gambling DApps in its most-trafficked DApps.
  • The most diverse, Ethereum, observed only 1 gambling DApp in its top 10 by daily users, compared to 4 of the EOS top 10 and 5 of the TRON top 10. This likely relates directly to its comparatively low speed (PoW versus PoS), limiting the viability of both gambling DApps themselves, as well as the ease and efficacy with which bots might be deployed
  • Protocol teams have all of the available data for each of the DApps within their protocol, so they ought to lead the charge with transparency and re-focus on driving organic growth which will benefit themselves and the industry in the long-term.
  • Invest in good bots that help improve product quality and increase liquidity.
  • Do not manipulate usage and volume metrics by building or encouraging bad bots.
  • Defend against malicious bots, such as BAPT (Blockchain APT hackers).

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