Hello Rich,

We appreciate you taking an interest in our research. While we realize that the metrics presented here may be interpreted differently by third parties, we stand behind the importance of presenting the information objectively. We are blockchain-agnostic, and our priority is to accurately assess the health of the ecosystem as a whole. We would love to work with EOS directly on the matter, so that we can better understand the distinction between good bots and bad bots within their ecosystem.

By no means do we intend for this article to be an indictment of EOS as a platform. In fact, we are currently performing similar analytics on the other leading platforms in the space. We make no comparisons between EOS and other platforms, and any derivative conclusions made by outside sources are purely their own.

Thank you for engaging us on the matter. We will continue to present the community with data-driven insight in hopes that veterans and newcomers alike might better understand the potential of blockchain technology.

Blockchain data analytics firm providing security, risk, and compliance solutions.

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