Our AI Detects Your AI — Revealing the Secret World of Blockchain Bots (Part 2: TRON)

Key discovery:



Key Insights

Figures 1–3 : A visualization of bot account and transaction metrics across the top 10 gambling DApps in 2019Q1

Why Does Bot Detection Matter?

Figure 4: Bitwise’s report shows trading bots found in several crypto exchanges [2].

Striking New Bot Behaviors Discovered in Tron Blockchain

Figure 5. Gambling DApps have attracted 68% of the active Tron DApps accounts in 2019Q1. Tron DApp trending in 2019Q1. Gambling DApps dominate and experience the most rapid growth, vs. categories such as exchanges, games, etc., Per TokenInsight.
Figure 6. An illustration of how a typical hyperactive bot transacts with the DApp from 3/12/2019 to 4/1/2019
Figure 7. Youtube tutorial showing how to use macros to auto-bet on Tronbet DApp.
Figure 8. This account would not ordinarily be any cause for alarm.
Figure 9. When clustered, the coordination becomes clear. They activate together, largely in the same order, and at the same time intervals.
Figure 10. The tight coordination in the activity, dormancy, and resurrection of these accounts is unmistakable.
Figure 11. The transaction intervals are highly regular within accounts and between accounts.

The Reason Behind the New Bot Strategy on TRON

Figure 12. The key differences between EOS and TRON. Note, especially, the free accounts and transaction fees.

Bad Bots vs Good Bots in the Blockchain World

What can we do as an Industry?

Deep Dive into the New Bot Detection Machine Learning Model

Figure 13. Account Distribution by Activity Level
Figure 14: A silhouette plot for the various clusters
Figure 15. A Three Dimensional Visualization of Account Clusters
Figure 16. A Close-Up of the Three Dimensional Visualization of Account Clusters
Figure 17. Minimal overlap in the detection capabilities of our two models.

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