Scam Update: 90% of Twitter Hack Bitcoins — Laundering in Progress

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The anatomy of just one crypto-laundering maneuver of many
  • Stability — Bitcoin exhibits by far the most long-term stability among cryptocurrencies
  • Liquidity — Bitcoin is easily and conveniently exchanged for fiat currencies
  • One (in the top right corner), which received money on July 17th from the 4 scam wallets and is now holding $15.5k → 1KCTT6Ksm89HhRnN8j5T3ENT5e7ZkHKtQc
  • 1E43EVPwtzVxD8kY8YNR28HZeWdmypae8n ($3.37k)
  • 14KKFyCnhewWKvJoZdK7D27MP2mYfHgqNA ($3.6k)
  • 13eKAA8YWkw56cXXncJSmFLb6iSa687HeX ($3.42k)
  • 152tsgvUn2cBsaXt5ovmeWjCPT69ubuqvM ($2.91k)
  • 18dEZcpXqwgkkj6kukQg5Ui35ZUgahDJ7Z ($4.02k)
  • 12ESqGmoWTUBPEUyoRWQF1W73GTotiJY1L ($4.05k)
  • 1cNU2be3uLuZVc6JkSnsoJ8gxT7NtDJ1P ($2.92k)
  • 1FNYygWtz7gj9EjU2m9MAWsWLcKp3AA6nK ($3.52k)
  • 13eKAA8YWkw56cXXncJSmFLb6iSa687HeX ($3.42k)

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