ThunderCore + AnChain.AI Partnership: Building a Secure DApp Ecosystem for Developers, Users, and More!

4 min readApr 18, 2019


AnChain.AI is proud to partner with ThunderCore, a leading blockchain protocol with high transactions per second (TPS), quick confirmations, and security. Their incredible team is building a decentralized future and the partnership with AnChain.AI symbolizes their trust in our products to keep their ecosystem secure.

Below is the partnership blog, written by the ThunderCore Team

In the free-wielding, wild wild west of blockchain, people have associated the phrase “Public Blockchain” with a you-are-on-your-own attitude.

But as the the creators of the ThunderCore Protocol, we feel a sense of duty to the developers that build on ThunderCore, the users that use the Dapps built on ThunderCore, and to the network in general.

To that end, we are happy to announce a partnership with AnChain.AI, a leading silicon valley blockchain security company founded by cybersecurity veterans. AnChain.AI’s proven technology has been identifying vulnerabilities and protecting Dapp developers and blockchains..

In practical terms, this partnership with AnChain.AI is important in the several ways.

Why Should Developers Care?

To keep the network safe and as a service to Dapp developers, we are utilizing the Contract Auditing Sandbox (CAS) product from AnChain.AI. The CAS auto scans smart contracts and uncovers known vulnerabilities that can cause severe damage. This helps Dapp developers improve their offering and allows the ThunderCore ecosystem to remain as vulnerable-free as possible.

A recent example to drive this point even further:

In August, AnChain identified five Ethereum addresses behind an extremely sophisticated attack that exploited a contract flaw in a popular gambling game to steal $4 million. — MIT Technology Review, February 19, 2019

Why Should Users Care?

This is important to users because we care about you and your funds. While you are responsible for your own Thunder Tokens, we want to do what we can to make sure the Dapps you interact with are safe for you.

Keeping the ThunderCore Protocol Safe

We are also utilizing a separate product from AnChain.AI called Situational Awareness Platform (SAP), which leverages AI and Big Data to identify potential threats in blockchain transactions. Looking at on-chain analytics, the SAP attempts to identify and solve potential vulnerabilities to the network, including bad actors.

AnChain.AI has a mission to secure and grow all blockchain businesses. Since being founded in 2018, we have become the trusted partners for the several of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, protocols, DApps, and enterprises. Today is a great opportunity for us to partner with the ThunderCore team to bring blockchain ecosystem security to the next level. ThunderCore’s blockchain combines best practices from serial entrepreneur Dr. Chris Wang, Prof. Shi’s advanced consensus research, Dr. Jianqing Zhang’s engineering leadership, and the high profile team that we have the fortune to be working with closely.

AnChain.AI is an AI-powered blockchain security startup founded by industry veterans from FireEye, Mandiant, McAfee, Yahoo, Pivotal, EMC, and Amazon. Just as in the legacy cybersecurity industry, Blockchain APT hackers, vulnerabilities in smart contracts, and infrastructure gaps are not so scary as long as we have the right countermeasures to mitigate them. We look forward to working closely with ThunderCore to provide a prosperous DApp ecosystem.

— Dr. Victor Fang, Founder and CEO of AnChain.AI

Our commitment to the safety of the ThunderCore Ecosystem is unwavering. While safety is everybody’s responsibility, we’ll continue to do what we can so users, developers, and the ThunderCore Ecosystem remain as vulnerability-free as possible.

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