Turing Award 2018 to Deep Learning Godfathers: Implications to AI, Blockchain, and more!

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Turing Award in Review — What Else Other Than AI?

This is NOT the first time the Turing Award has been won by Artificial Intelligence researchers. In fact, in 2011 it was awarded to Prof. Judea Pearl on his Bayesian Network contribution.

My story with AI and Machine Learning

I was shocked when I first exposed to the idea of Machine Learning, a branch of AI, back in 2004.

Why I Predict AI Researchers Will Win more Turing Awards

If we look at the last 7 years of Turing Awards, most of them are related to computer architecture. (Yeah Alan Turing’s machine is about architecture 😜)

Why Blockchain is Relevant Here?

Blockchain represents the next wave of technology architecture. It’s more than just a distributed ledger, more than just a smart contract, more than just a cryptocurrency.

  • Algorithm: There will be plethora algorithms designed for blockchain. For example, AnChain.AI has developed a few AI algorithms that detected Blockchain APT hackers hacking smart contracts on Ethereum that stole $4 million USD. This AI product is featured by MIT Technology Review, and it’s powering the blockchain ecosystem to secure and grow the businesses of Protocols, DApps, Exchanges, and Enterprises.
  • Hardware: Blockchain is decentralized. The ecosystems have miners, senders, receivers, oracles, etc. Trusted execution environment (TEE) , Privacy Preserving Computation (PCC), these strong cryptographically and CPU intense computations impose new requirements for new hardware. I expect new hardware edge computing may be developed to enable secure and privacy preserving computing for blockchain infrastructure.

About AnChain.AI

A blockchain data analytics firm providing intelligence, indicators, and investigative resources for clients to enhance their security, risk, and compliance strategies.

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Blockchain data analytics firm providing security, risk, and compliance solutions.

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